Hey there! I’m Leslie, the founder of Foodsense, Now. The world of food and nutrition can be SO overwhelming, with its conflicting information and myths. With my background in both culinary arts and nutrition, I'm here to guide you through this journey, debunk myths, and inspire you to eat for better health. I believe in a "mindful not militant" approach to eating, where you can enjoy your meals and make informed choices without feeling overwhelmed. I teach people how to “eat more of this” rather than “don’t eat that”. 

Well Hey There, I’m Leslie, Chef-Educatior, CEO, Foodie, Runner and Pickleball Player

As a chef and former Ironman triathlete, I'm passionate about flavorful food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle–all while KEEPING IT REAL (while I LOVE veggies, sometimes that Snickedoodle comes calling). Despite transitioning to pickleball, my love for running persists. When not in the kitchen or on the court, I enjoy exploring San Diego or spending time with my rescue husky, Tango. Join me in our community where we approach food with ease, build kitchen confidence and sift through the cacophony of food + wellness so that you have a clear path. Let’s discover and share the balance that nourishes body, mind, and spirit. 


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