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I aim to simplify the world of food and nutrition for you. I believe in a "mindful not militant" approach to eating, where enjoyment and informed choices go hand in hand. As a former Ironman triathlete turned pickleball player, I'm passionate about flavorful food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When not in the kitchen, running or on the court, I soak up all the fun San Diego has to offer (often with my rescue husky, Tango).

Join our community where we approach food with ease, build kitchen confidence, and navigate the world of food and wellness together.

Well Hey There, I’m Leslie, Chef-Educatior, CEO, Foodie, Runner and Pickleball Player

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These fiber-filled, crowd-pleasing recipes with a fun flair will make your everyday eating a breeze!

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At FoodSense, Now we focus on delicious recipes, awesome classes for easy cooking at home, and all your must-have kitchen tips and tricks!

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