Hi, I'm Leslie!

foodie, endurance athlete and dog lover

Hey there! I’m Leslie. I started Foodsense, Now because the world of food, nutrition, and how to feed oneself can often feel like a whirlwind of conflicting information. It is so overwhelming at times!!! But don’t worry, I’m here to help guide you through this journey, debunk some of those unfounded diet “myths” and inspire you to eat for better health. .

As a chef deeply committed to flavorful cuisine and armed with a background in nutrition, I know all too well the cacophony of misinformation out there. I believe in a “mindful not militant” approach to eating, where you can savor your meals and make informed choices without feeling overwhelmed. I am a foodie first and foremost.

Beyond my culinary passion, I’ve had an incredible journey as an endurance athlete. I raced for 20 years as an Ironman triathlete, (and earned the top age-group step at five Ironman distance triathlons). However, life is a journey, and my path led me to discover the sport of pickleball. Even with this shift, my love for running has remained constant throughout this trajectory.

My new book is out. Enjoy every meal!

    When I’m not in the cooking or sporting spheres, you can find me out and about America’s finest city of San Diego or on the dog beach with my rescue husky, Tango.

    My mission is to build a community where I can inspire those to approach food and eating from a place of joy; to empower everyone to build their kitchen confidence; and to break down the barriers as to how to eat for better health outcomes while enjoying flavorful food. Together, we’ll find the right balance that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit. Get ready to thrive and enjoy the deliciousness eating has to offer.

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