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Sweet Potato Smoothie

Compared to a regular potato, sweet potatoes contain more nutrients and are lower on the glycemic level.

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Super Berry Antioxidant Smoothie

This is a great way to use berries that are starting to turn.

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Sunchoke and Turnip Soup

Sunchokes can be eaten raw, having a water chestnut quality to them, or they can be roasted to caramelize the natural sugars. Here, we first oven roast them with the turnips before turning into a soup.

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Spicy Sweet Potato Soup


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Roasted Cauliflower, Beet and Fennel Salad with Parsley and Mint

One Sunday, I picked up my CSA box from Suzie’s Farm and found beautiful beets, fennel and mint inside. I had a head of cauliflower and some parsley in the refrigerator and this recipe was born! I am always looking for new salad recipes.

Red Pepper, Smoked Paprika And Cashew Dip


Raw Taco Wraps

These Raw Tacos are GREAT! Even non-raw foodies LOVE them.

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Raw Chocolate and Avocado Pudding

Makes 1.25 Cups of really rich, raw, tasty, pudding!

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Quick Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries


Peachy Oatmeal Shake

You've got to be kidding me, OATMEAL in a shake? YES! Oatmeal is highly nutritious, versatile and provides this shake with body. I had some frozen organic peaches in the freezer and some raw oats whcih I had soaked overnight to both soften and release the enzymes. I whipped this together. LOVED the outcome. You can use fresh peaches in season too, but I would recommend adding a few ice cubes. I used raw oatmeal, which is best soaked overnight, but you could use rolled oats for instant gratification. The cinnamon and the nutmeg adds extra depth. I always use a pinch of sea salt to enhance the sweetness of the fruit. To make it easier... You can use leftover cooked oatmeal.

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